your orders

– Next generation automated
order fulfillment solutions for warehouses

Take control of you warehouse system and data flow

Pick and pack in one
automated solution

Handle peak times with high accuracy, reliablity and consistency



High performance pick and pack robot supported by monitoring software and AI to give you full control and insight.

Pickr.AI handles individual products, boxes and crates with ease

Reconfigure and expand the solution according to your needs. This is enabled by our scalable and modular system.

Can be extended with many picking stations working together fulfilling orders.

Suction system to handle vast amounts of different product types and shapes

Box and crate moving capabilities in the same configuration


Watch a demo of our solution in action.


Future proof you warehouse to handle demanding
peak times, and unpredictable future challenges.

Low startup cost

Pick and pack ASRS-system that fits perfectly in you existing facilities, with conveyor free options. Modular and scalable so you can start by automating the picking and packing of your most popular products, at a manageable cost.

Warehouse changes are minimal

Implementation can be made step by step, and the solution utilises standard warehouse shelves. Works seamlessly in parallel with manual picking.

Increased revenue

Greater warehouse effiency through denser storage and more troughput. Faster picking and optimized picking sequence will bring down delivery times.


It will learn your products by sight. The 3D tracking and recognition system will target the products, even if they are slightly misplaced and at odd angles.

This is made possible by AI locating products based on shape, dimensions and image.


Our solution has integrated Automated Storage and Retrieval System and self-learning AI

Cloud Machine Learning

Continous improvement and learning, to enhance picking and packing. Product library for plug and play installation and handling changes in packaging.

Low frequency vs. high frequency

Combining direct picking from shelves and high density shelves allows the system to service many low frequency product types and quickly pick the most popular items.


Integrated picking and Automated storage retrieval system in one solution. Our system will deliver consistently high accuracy and reliability, even under peak demand periods.



Integrates with most OHS/WMS

Monitoring, diagnosing and logging

Can be used on many different hardware configurations


Pick & Packs various shapes and sizes

Pickr has market leading suction tools and can think and learn by itself. With integrated 3D tracking and AI-software it’s able to deal even with those difficult, hard-to-handle products that normally needs to be picked and packed by hand. The system can pick directly from bins, shelves and boxes, with the option to pick directly from distribution boxes.



The world is becoming ever more automated. We prefer to shop from the comfort of our home, or through our mobile devices at our convenience. We all know whats coming next: Self driving cars, touchless secure money transfer.

We take a holistic approach to online shopping and logistics. By looking at the big picture, we can cut costs across the entire value chain?

The next challenges to take on is to start automating the entire warehouse. We aim to evolve together with our customers and develop innovative solutions to accomodate the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Our goal is to increase profit on online sales and even make low margin products profitable.

And, not least, through expedient order handling and delivery, we can help reduce the use of plastics for packaging.


Hafrun Hauksdottir
Project Manager
Msc Electrical Engineering
Torfi Thorhallsson
Phd Computer Vision
Hermann Kristjansson
Msc Electrical Engineering
Simon Marnburg Eriksen
Automation engineer
Msc Automation
Kjetil Gjerde
Board Director
PhD Physics
Mikal Jansen Berge
Automation engineer
Msc Automation