The Robotic Workforce Company


Lowering the barrier to automation and robotic workforce by introducing the world´s most compact, flexible and modular order fulfillment solutions

Storage, order picking and order buffering in one automated solution

Low to zero investment cost by use of our Pick-as-a-Service offering

Small and modular footprint utilizing the height and form of your warehouse

Fully autonomous making you money 24/7

Scales with your business performance

What we do

Our solutions are made to make your warehouse operations as autonomous and maintenance free as possible. Which one that suits you best is the one that brings you to the next level of automation at the lowest cost.

Mod L

“Just send me filled storage bins and empty order bins and I will return empty storage bins to be refilled and fulfilled order bins to be shipped. If you are not ready to ship, I will keep the order bin until you are ready. In this way you can start the morning wrapping ans shipping orders instead of starting the day picking and then wrap and ship”

  • Storage, order picking and order buffering in one standalone system
  • Storage capacity; < 10 000 bins
  • Picking capacity; < 2 000 p/h
  • Buffering capacity; < 3 000 bins
Mod M

“Send me the correct storage bin from your Goods-to-Person storage system and empty order bins and I will fulfill your orders. I will only keep the storage bin as long as necessary to fulfill the orders before returning it to your storage”

  • Order picking system to be bundled with any Goods-to-Person storage systems
  • Picking capacity; < 2 000 p/h
Mod S

“Give me a wall of bins to pick from and a destination bin or ten and I will pick for you 24/7. I can remove empty storage bins if needed”

  • Piece picking system designed for zone picking and standard racking systems
  • Picking capacity; 200-1000 p/h
  • Working range;
    • Height <8m
    • Width <10m
    • Depth <2m

Pick & Packs various shapes and sizes

We are using the market leading suction cups for the majority of items we pick. This together with superb computer vision and AI technologies, we are able to pick and pack a wide range of items.

Picking directly from bins and shelves to bins, shelves and shipment boxes are all included in our offerings.






Why we do this

To improve your warehouse process efficiency

Our systems produces results at a constant and improving speed, unattended, 24/7. You will have a predictable and low operation cost as no more overhead cost is needed for evenings, nights or weekends.

You will also be prepared for the gradually increasing of labor shortage in the world spending the time on securing a heathy business than chasing staff members.

To increase the safety for your staff

Warehouse work tasks can be repetitive, monotone, cumbersome and even hazardous over a longer period. The chance of experiencing an accident is higher when the workers are unconcentrated or exhausted. By automating these types of tasks, employees can spend more time do more rewarings and safe work tasks.

To decrease the energy used in your warehouse

Our unattended robotic systems are the most compact order fulillment solution in the world. This small footprint means you can reduce energy consumption for heating/cooling and lighting of your warehouse. It saves unnecessary use of the world energy resources and your utility bill will be lower.

To reduce harm on the environment

Our small footprint reduces the land used or being able to increase the productivity and efficiency in the same space saving valuable land else used for expanding the warehouse. The reduced energy need will help on the worlds resources. Being able to pick the right products at the right time will also reduce the return of goods from the end user.

In groceries, going online will reduce food waste due to much shorter time from farmer to kitchen while keeping the right temperature. No more fresh food rots on display and no more unnecessary waste of energy in these grocery stores having multiple temperature sones for both humans and goods.

The Team

Eymar A Birgisson
Robotic Engineer
Henry Khov
Mechatronic Design Engineer
Fahad Azad
Product Manager
Ehsan Peymani
Tech lead and Robot product owner
Roald Valen
Simon M Eriksen
Robotic Engineer